Candidates Sought for CRA Board

The Computing Research Association seeks your help in recruiting candidates for its Board of Directors. We want individuals who have time, energy, initiative, and resources to work on CRA issues on behalf of the entire CRA community. We have a working Board, and all members are expected to work on community issues.

The Board provides the membership for various standing committees, including the Government Affairs, Conference at Snowbird, Taulbee Survey, Finance, and Elections committees. In addition, issues affecting computing research arise unexpectedly, and Board members must take the initiative and lead CRA’s responses. Many CRA committees and initiatives involve year-round attention, regular conference calls, communications with lab directors and department chairs, proposal writing, and sometimes travel at the expense of the individual Board member.

The Board, as a whole, meets twice a year, with travel and hotel costs paid by the individual members. (CRA may decide to cover travel and hotel costs for individual Board members in exceptional circumstances.) Board members serve staggered three-year terms. At the discretion of the Elections Committee and based upon a member’s proactive service record during the expiring term, members wishing to stand for re-election may be included on the draft ballot. There is a three term limit. Candidates may nominate themselves by completing this form. They do not need to be affiliated with CRA member organizations.

Recent board activities include:

  • Working with the computing research community to envision the future of computing research
  • Increasing the participation of women and minorities in computing research
  • Thinking strategically about computing education and its impact on the research enterprise
  • Testifying before Congress and meeting with policymakers to explain the role of computing and computing research
  • Developing workshops on critical policy issues
  • Conducting the annual CRA Taulbee Survey
  • Facilitate and strengthen industry-academia engagement

Click here to fill out the nomination form. Additional information on CRA and its activities is available at Questions can be sent to elections [at]

Additional information on CRA and its activities is available at

Questions can be sent to elections [at]