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Artificial Intelligence Roadmap Workshop 2 – Interaction

Given the increasingly pervasive use in AI technologies in all sectors of industry and government, and the enormous potential for future AI-based technologies, NSF has asked the Computing Community Consortium to organize an AI Roadmap to help prioritize research investments. The second workshop theme is interaction and will take place on November 14-15, 2018 in Chicago. The chairs of the interaction workshop are Kathy McKeown (Columbia University) and Dan Weld (University of Washington). This is part of the AI Roadmap workshop series – view the series page here.

Content Generation for Workforce Training

The CCC held a visioning workshop in Atlanta, GA in March 2019 to discuss and articulate research visions for authoring rich graphical content for new workforce training. The workshop's goal was to articulate research challenges and needs and to summarize the current state of the practice in this area.

Thermodynamic Computing

Thermodynamics has been a historical concern in the engineering of conventional computing systems due to its role in power consumption, scaling, and device performance. Today, we see thermodynamics re-emerging in a new role as an algorithmic technique in areas such as machine learning, annealing, quantum, and neuromorphic systems. Recent theoretical developments in non-equilibrium thermodynamics suggest thermodynamics may become the basis of a new “thermodynamic computing” paradigm. For example, it may lead to computing systems that self-organize in response to external input.