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Virtual Undergrad Town Hall: Enabling Science Breakthroughs Using Computer Science

During the Virtual Undergraduate Town Hall Event, you will join students from around the world in a virtual mentoring event where you will learn about cutting edge research in the field of computing. In this talk Deb Agarwal, Sr. Data Science & Technology Head at LBNL, will describe some of the challenges we as computer scientists are helping to solve and some of the next challenges that need to be tackled. This event will conclude with a mentoring session on 'Becoming a Leader'.
Geek Wire Interview Project

20 years in tech, through the eyes of 8 women: How these computer scientists made their own way in an industry dominated by men

Originally posted on GeekWire When Elizabeth Walkup was a graduate student at the University of Washington in the early 1990s, she sometimes attended women’s lunches with faculty. She recalls one such event where a female faculty member asked about her career plans once she finished her Ph.D. in computer science. “My plans depend a lot […]

Virtual Undergraduate Town Hall Event: Designing Healthcare Robots for Children with Special Needs

When you attend this Virtual Undergraduate Town Hall Event, you will be a part of a virtual mentoring event. You will learn about Ayanna Howard's research on robots for children with special needs as a Motorola Foundation Professor at Georgia Tech. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask the speaker any questions you might have about research as well as graduate school. Following Ayanna's research presentation, she will lead a mentoring session on "Finding and Making the Most of an Undergraduate Research Experience."