CRA-WP Profiles of Women in Computing

Tanya Amert Research

Profiles of Women in Computing: Tanya Amert

by Shar Steed, CRA Communications Specialist Tanya Amert, a computer science Ph.D. student at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, found herself drawn to computer science because she enjoyed figuring out how things work. At 13 years old, she was a big fan of the Neopets website and online community. Amert noticed some users had […]

Profiles of Women in Computing: Chandra Krintz

By Shar Steed, CRA communications specialist Chandra Krintz, a professor at University of California Santa Barbara, took an interest in computers at a young age. When she was eight years old, her dad who was a principal at a local middle school, brought the school’s only computer – a Commodore 64 – to their home […]