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CCC Welcomes New Council Members and Leadership!

July 1st was the start of a new term at CCC! The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is happy to announce that Liz Bradley from the University of Colorado-Boulder is the new Chair and Dan Lopresti from Lehigh University is the Vice Chair. Mark D. Hill from the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the Chair Emeritus. The CCC Chair and Vice Chair both serve two-year terms; at the culmination of the two years, the Vice Chair typically becomes the new Chair.

The CCC also welcomes seven new council members, nominated by colleagues in the computing research community.

Computing Researchers Respond to COVID-19: Contact Tracing for All? Bridging the Accessibility Gap for Contact Tracing

Automated, proximity-based contact tracing apps use Bluetooth to identify who is near them. In theory, this is a great solution that can be efficiently deployed widely (albeit with many privacy and protocol considerations addressed here), however the assumption is that people have access to mobile phones with Bluetooth and use technology similarly.


CRA and CCC Announce New Computing Innovation Fellows Program for 2020

CRA and CCC are pleased to announce a new Computing Innovation Fellows (CIFellows) Program for 2020. This program recognizes the significant disruption to the academic job search caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic uncertainty and aims to provide a career-enhancing bridge experience for recent and soon-to-be PhD graduates in computing. 

The goal of the program is to create career growth opportunities that support maintaining the computing research pipeline. This effort takes inspiration from CRA/CCC’s NSF-funded Computing Innovation Fellows Programs with cohorts starting 2009, 2010, and 2011. The program will offer 2 year postdoctoral opportunities in computing, with cohort activities to support career development and community building for this group of Fellows.

We will be hosting a one-hour CIFellow 2020 Informational Webinar on Tuesday, May 26th at 3:00PM ET.  Please register for the webinar here.

CCC Announces New Council Members

CRA, in consultation with the National Science Foundation, has appointed six new members to the Computing Community Consortium Council: Kathleen Fisher, William D. Gropp, Brian LaMacchia, Melanie Moses, Helen Nissenbaum, and Holly Yanco. Beginning July 1, the new members will each serve three-year terms.