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A CIFellow’s Perspective: “Becoming a Better Researcher”

During his presentation at the CIFellows Research Meeting & Career Mentoring Workshop in December1, Microsoft’s Peter Lee shared his motivations for creating the program. Beyond giving recent PhDs an opportunity to remain in academia during a time when obtaining an academic job is more difficult than usual, he saw the program as a way to “create a cadre of highly independent computing researchers.”

NSF-CCC Workshop Explores Sustainability & IT

About 60 leading researchers, program managers, and others gathered in Washington, DC, on February 3-4, 2011, to discuss new fundamental computing research opportunities that will arise as the nation and world seek long-term sustainable technologies and behaviors. This two-day meeting (https://turing.cra.org/ccc/seesit), co-sponsored by NSF’s CISE Directorate and the Computing Community Consortium, sought to go beyond routine uses of information technology to identify high-risk, high-reward research directions in sustainability that, as yet, may not have received adequate attention or funding.

Calling the Computing Research Community to Engage in a Conversation

Data from CRA’s annual Taulbee Survey document substantial growth in the cadre of U.S. and Canadian postdoctoral fellows over the past decade. Most recently, the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) and National Science Foundation (NSF) have funded one- to two-year postdoctoral positions through the Computing Innovation Fellows Project, in hopes of retaining recent PhDs in computing research and teaching during difficult economic times. We believe it is time for the community to understand the significance of this PostDoc surge, assessing whether it is the right course of action for the field in the long term.

CIFellows Descend on Washington

Nearly 80 Computing Innovation Fellows (http://cifellows.org) descended on Washing-ton, DC, in mid-December for the 2010 CIFellows Project Research Meeting and Career Mentoring Workshop (http://cifellows.org/network/agenda). Funded by the National Science Foundation and run by the Computing Research Association and Computing Community Con-sortium, this meeting provided the 2009 and 2010 CIFellows with opportunities to network with one another and to receive career advice from leading experts in the field.

Pursuing Your Visions for the Future

In the three years since the inception of the Computing Community Consortium – an experiment by the National Science Foundation and the Computing Research Association to create an entity that mobilizes the community to debate long-range research challenges and builds consensus around specific research visions – researchers in many different areas of our field have stepped to the forefront to lead activities that have defined key questions shaping our intellectual future. Yet undoubtedly there are many areas and ideas still unexplored and, as we begin a new year, we encourage you and your colleagues to pursue your boldest, most innovative concepts with us – today!

Turning Visions into Federal Programs

Three years into a joint experiment by the National Science Foundation and the Comput-ing Research Association, the Computing Community Consortium continues to mobilize the community to debate long-range research challenges and to build consensus around specific research visions. In addition, consistent with its overall mission, the CCC is articulating these visions to newly cultivated contacts among Federal funding agencies in Washington.

CCC: Audacious Visioning for the Future

“The [Computing Community Consortium (CCC)] has played an important role in identifying and promoting exciting research ‘visions’ for the future of information technology (IT) research,” Tom Kalil, the Deputy Director for Policy in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), recently blogged. “[These] ideas … have the potential to attract the best and brightest to the field, drive economic growth, and address national challenges in areas such as health, energy, and education.”1 Kalil’s comments serve as renewed inspiration for our efforts.

Successful Start for Inaugural Computing Innovation Fellows

Last fall, 60 recent Ph.D. graduates were awarded Computing Innovation Fellowships supporting postdoctoral positions at research institutions throughout the country. This first-ever initiative coordinated by the computing research community was funded by the National Science Foundation and sought to retain new Ph.D.s in research and teaching during difficult economic times, as well as to support intellectual renewal and diversity in computing at U.S. organizations.

CCC: The CRA in Action

CRA is all about ensuring that the future of computing research is even brighter than the past has been. The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is one of CRA’s prime mechanisms for doing so with the goal of creating such compelling research visions that researchers, funders, policy folks, students and the public become engaged. CCC is pursuing several strategies which are discussed in detail on its website http://www.cra.org/ccc. Here we’d like to provide some highlights with the goal of enticing you to explore more about CCC and then to become engaged in its current activities or to propose new ones.