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The Computing Community Consortium – The Way Forward

In November’s CRN we announced that the National Science Foundation had chosen CRA to establish the Computing Community Consortium (CCC), whose goal is to create venues for community participation in developing research visions and stimulating new research activities for our field. The interim Computing Community Consortium Council has been working to roll out the new CCC activity. Here we’d like to give you a snapshot of our thinking.

Computing Community Consortium (CCC)

The time has come for the computing research community to unite in identifying and formulating large-scale research infrastructure needs that are critical to U.S. competitiveness in Information Technology. On March 10, 2006 the National Science Foundation (NSF), Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) released a solicitation calling for the computing research community to unite in the establishment of a Computing Community Consortium (CCC). The consortium is expected to be broad-based, with member institutions with strong research track records in computer science and engineering. CCC members are not individuals, but rather are comprised of higher education institutions, private and public sector organizations, and industry.