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Computing Research Association information.

CRA at Grace Hopper 2012

Over a period of four days in early October, nearly 3,600 computer- and diversity-minded attendees descended upon the city of Baltimore for the 2012 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Amongst the crowd of people and exhibitors was the CRA booth nestled in between the booths of our friends at the National Science Foundation and the Association for Computing Machinery.


The new drama documentary film CODEBREAKER tells the remarkable and tragic story of one of the 20th century’s most important people – Alan Turing. He set in motion the computer age and his World War II codebreaking helped turn the tide of the Second World War. Executive Producer Patrick Sammon screened the film at CRA’s July conference in Snowbird, Utah to great interest and acclaim, and we are sure that others will enjoy it as well.

Nominees Sought for CRA Board

The Computing Research Association seeks your help in suggesting nominations for its Board of Directors. We seek individuals who have time, energy, initiative, and resources to work on CRA issues on behalf of the entire CRA community. Ours is a working board, and all members are expected to do a fair share of the work.

Despite Austere Budget, Science Would See Increases in President’s Plan

In his last annual budget request before facing voters this November, President Obama showed his commitment to debt reduction by calling for cuts across almost all Federal agencies. But amidst the cuts, the President’s budget contains some key investments in research and development, including increased investments in computing research, that demonstrate his belief that Federally supported research can help spark the innovation required to keep the Nation placed at the top of an increasingly competitive world.

CRA Hosts Tisdale Fellow

Max Cho, a junior at Yale University studying cognitive science, spent eight weeks learning about science and technology policy in Washington through his work with the CRA Government Affairs staff and the Computing Community Consortium, and from the other Tisdale Fellows.

Reinvigorating the Field

A few weeks ago, members of the computing research community assembled for the 19th biennial Conference at Snowbird, the flagship conference for chairs of Ph.D.-granting departments of computing and allied fields and leaders from U.S. industrial and government computing research laboratories and centers. Here are some observations on trends in the field evident during the meeting.

CRA-E White Paper Summary

The overall goal of this White Paper is to provide guidance that will help institutions create an undergraduate environment that supports the acquisition and internalization of the computationally-oriented researcher mindset. We addressed overall directions rather than comprehensive details, not a curriculum design.

Dangers of Rankings with Inaccurate Data

Our culture is embedded with rankings: of movies, of college athletic teams, of consumer products, of universities, and of graduate programs. Rankings are a guilty pleasure—we claim they don’t influence us, and we know their foibles, yet we can’t help looking to see where we stand. Academics understand the problems behind reputational rankings such as the US News and World Report’s ranking of universities, of graduate and undergraduate programs, and of specialties within a field: they are largely subjective and influenced by non-scientific factors, they have long time-constants and are subject to hysteresis, and they at best reflect an overall assessment of a program without acknowledging exceptional elements. Yet we also know that rankings are used by prospective students, by university administrators allocating limited resources between units, and by sponsors.